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About Melesco Builders Inc.

Getting it Done

Melesco Builders, Inc. has been leading the way in residential and commercial construction since 2005 here in Southwest Virginia and the mountains of North Carolina.  With a diverse team of skilled craftsmen and supervisors,  we are able to ensure first quality work, meeting and exceeding current code, installed on time as specified, to the clients desires.  Whether starting from the ground up or re-modeling, our clients can expect excellence from start to completion.  Please reach out for an estimate on your next project and Melesco Buiders looks forward to collaborating on your next project.

  • Melesco Builders Inc. established in 2005

  • Class A  contractor license: RBC/CBC #2705096381

  • Lengthy experience with sustainable building practices in using post & pre-re-cycled materials to collaborate with USGBC, VSBN and LEED certified professionals to meet stringent codes/guidelines for site builds.

  • Super for retail commercial builds from initial ground breaking through full completions with Pepsico. Corp.(Taco Bell)

  • Net zero energy efficient solutions

  • Residential “Green Builds” from ground up through completion

  • Current project: WG

  • Advantages: Lead time, quality of work, experience to execute commercial or residential built to spec. with integrity on time.

  • First Quality craftsmanship with full understanding and turn key execution of ‘green building’.

  • Results driven using in depth knowledge of industry, able to troubleshoot and find solutions for challenging re-models.

  • New construction and re-models for commercial and residential applications

  • Maintenance contracts

  • Orgs to join: USGBC, LEED certs?, SWVA GC assoc., Roanoke City Clean and Green Committee,

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